Frequently Asked Questions

I have traveled all over the world, so I have a few frequently asked questions to help you go along your journey.

Do I need a passport to get around?Yes. Even if you are just traveling to Mexico or Canada, international travel absolutely requires a passport. They are great identification to have anyway, so really you should just get one to have on hand, especially since the process to acquire one requires a lot of paperwork and time. That way if you do have an opportunity to leave the country, you can leave immediately.

Will English suffice in traveling?Yes and no. A lot of countries do teach the English language as well as speaking it among the travelers. But that is in no way a promise that you will find English speakers everywhere you go. Even in places you think should speak English, if it isn’t an English-speaking country, there would be no logical reason for everyone to know it.

Have airport regulations eased up?No. Really in the wake of global terrorism issues, the TSA is on it more now than ever. Be prepared to adhere to whatever thing they are going for at the moment, whether it be that you can’t take a beverage on the plane or taking off your shoes at security.

I have never traveled internationally before, how can I prepare? Really all the preparation in the world still cannot prepare you for the culture shock that will hit, especially with the amount of sleep deprivation you are sure to suffer along the way. Just remember to go with the flow of things and don’t let it get to you as much as you can. Being surrounded by people who don’t speak your language or have your cultural understanding is incredibly frustrating, but you will survive it and be a better person as a result.

Which kind of suitcase is better?I think whatever you are will to cart around is going to be the best for you. Hard case suitcases have their place in the world, especially if you are traveling to a country where luggage is commonly slashed and robbed. Hard cases also run the risk, however, of breaking, where a soft suitcase will not.

How can you adapt to food while traveling?If you have a sensitive stomach, make sure to bring some anti-diarrhea pills along with you to help you make it through a trip. Food is going to be weird to you no matter where you are. Remember that you are traveling for the experience. If you want a cheeseburger, you can get it at home. No one goes to Thailand or Madrid for the burgers. Keep an open mind, never criticize the food, and just try it all. You never know what you will wind up liking and it may increase your cultural acceptance.

How can I fit into another country?Unless you have been there a long time, you are going to stand out in another country. No matter if your appearance is the same as the native citizens, your speech, mannerisms, and even your clothing will let everyone know you don’t belong. It’s ok, it’s all part of the process.