Clever Ways to Travel

There is more than one way to travel the world, believe it or not, you just need to use your imagination. Sometimes just spending money to get around is not the best option for everyone and there isn’t always a personal honeypot available to use, especially if you are a college student, just graduated, or are even just taking some time to rediscover yourself. Here are some more creative ways to get around and to pay for it.

Bartering: No I’m not talking about doing anything immoral to get yourself around. I’m talking about working in order to get things for free while you’re traveling. What this means is a kind of work around for a work visa to international countries. Bartering is allowed through some groups, such as the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), where you can work or help around the house in exchange for food and lodging. There is no exchange of cash, but you will have an easier time if you were trying to travel more inexpensively.


Become a Teacher: Even if you are not a teacher, but you are traveling internationally, consider becoming an English language teacher abroad. You will be able to earn money, travel, and get some countries ticked off your list. This may require a teaching certificate depending on the program you are going for, but that is not always the case.

Peace Corps: If you are not short on time and would like to help change the world, consider joining the Peace Corps. You’ll earn some extra money, immerse yourself into a different culture and help the world all at the same time. They do have a presence in over 139 countries, so you should be able to hit up a few bordering countries as well. It does require a 27-month commitment, but is worth it if you are able and willing.

Au Pair: Au pairs are not especially common in the United States, but are common in Europe and around the world. Essentially nannies, au pairs are always foreign and parents look for them to watch and educate their children because of the language difference, especially if you are a native English speaker. Some of the stays are just over a holiday season, but others can be longer, giving you both pay, cultural and language experience, and enabling you to see more of the world.


Flight Attendant: While this job is certainly not for everyone, being a flight attendant is an easy way to travel the country and the world. With access to extremely discounted fares and sometimes free fares, you would be able to travel long distances with ease. And of course, when you are working, you will be traveling between two destinations, allowing you to see more of the world.

Travel Writing: This is not always a possibility for everyone. You need to have a good handle on the English language as well as a knack for writing. But, there are so many online jobs out there these days that with a native English speaker, you can travel the world, get paid to do so and then tell everyone else what you are up to. Keep in mind you will not have much control over where you are going or what you will be writing about.

Telecommuting: If you are already working and would like to see more of the world, see if there are telecommuting options for your career. If you can easily relocate and move about all over the world while still getting paid, you will easily be able to see as much has you want to. There are a lot of websites out there offering different types of telecommuting freelance positions, which may help you to keep the income flowing while you go out on your adventures.

I have been traveling as long as I can remember. I come from a family that was very much into the concept of the American road trip, state hopping in our beat-up suburban every summer. Since then, I have expanded my territory of travel to other parts of the world, all the while letting my world view shift and change as my experiences also shifted and changed.