Clever Travel Gear

What would travel be like without your gear? I have some interesting travel accessories that I have come across throughout the years that can help you (or sometimes be not so helpful) as you go on your great adventure.


Pay as you go hotspot

Yes this is a real thing. While it costs some money upfront ($125 then $10 for every day after), it can help you access both mobile connection and wifi no matter where you are in the world. The company is called Skyroam and it is pretty darn cool.


Big Big Body Wipes

Sold on the Firebox website, the Big Big Body Wipe is literally a giant baby wipe that you can use over your entire body. If you are backpacking or staying in hostels, or even if you have just been traveling for a long while, you can get this wipe to help freshen yourself up.


Portable Charger

You really need one of these in your car too. A portable charger can be a life saver if you are traveling and in a bind with low battery on your phone. You can even get them credit card sized, allowing you to have the convenience and security without needing it to take up a lot of space.

Shampoo Sheets

As the TSA has made travel safer and endlessly more complicated through the years, you are no longer allowed to care much, if any, shampoo aboard a plane. So the company Travelon has come up with a shampoo sheet, which is a dissolvable sheet of soap. You just add water and poof, you have soap. They even have laundry soap and shaving cream versions. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Noise Cancelling Earplugs

These are so much cooler than noise cancelling headphones or the traditional earplug. If you have some hotel neighbors raving at 3:00 am, you can fall asleep to white noise, ocean waves, or even rain. They also have an alarm setting to wake you (and only you). So like a sound machine/alarm clock earplug. They are made by Hush Technology and are in a Kickstarter program.

Compression Sacks

No not compression socks. A compression sack is a space saving bag that works like magic. You put your clothes inside and it all compresses together to save you a ton of room. They make some newer ones that have organizational capabilities that just didn’t exist with the predecessors, making traveling both more compact and less chaotic.

Travel Router

If you are having connectivity issues while you are traveling, you can purchase a wifi booster that will have a repeater to give you the wifi access that you need. The adapter itself will fit most of the international outlets and make it easy for you to stay online no matter where you are.

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

Ok this one may not really be a “necessity” so to speak, but it can help you ease up if travelling has got your down. The kit has a coaster, a jigger, bar spoon, muddler, and some mixer, depending on what drink you really like. All you need to supply is the booze itself and you are good to go.

Location Tracking Nametag

With a Bluetooth built-in, this little device will be worth every penny of the $100 cost. It may seem exuberant for a luggage tag, but if you have ever lost your luggage while traveling, you will completely understand the frustration as well as the cost of having your items replaced. When you are waiting at a carousel, you will know if your bag is coming down the chute. Or if someone tries to touch your bag, you will get a notification on your phone.

I have been traveling as long as I can remember. I come from a family that was very much into the concept of the American road trip, state hopping in our beat-up suburban every summer. Since then, I have expanded my territory of travel to other parts of the world, all the while letting my world view shift and change as my experiences also shifted and changed.